DivvyStat.us was originally created as an entry for a competition held by Divvy. Over time the project grew into what it is today, an amatuer data collection tool that provides real-time insight into usage of Chicago's bike sharing system. It's written in PHP and the source code is available on Github.

Nomadic has become a vital component in my day to day development. It's a tool I made to create the necessary configuration and shell scripts to provision a virtual machine for development using Vagrant and VirtualBox. Nomadic is great as a starting point for creating a portable and reproducable development environments.

GetMarried is an web app that I created for my wedding website. The site provides functionality for guest RSVP, information about local hotels and transit, secure processing for credit cards. The web app is written in Python and the source code is available on Github.

Argon is a console application that uses the dronekit library. I created Argon as a way of learning to control and automate my 3D Robotics IRIS+. The main use fo the app is being able to position the drone percisely at a GPS coordinate for capturing aerial imagery.

You can find the source for these and more of my projects on Github.