A Sticker Over The MacBook Apple Logo

I've had a few MacBooks now, and I've always had a thing for covering the Apple logo on the cover. I don't have strong feelings or some ideological reason for doing this, it's simply a style preference. The challenge in doing this is dealing with the light behind the Apple logo, and I have a solution for that.

macbook air, decal, and foil sheets used for project

In the past, I had luck covering the logo with a piece of kitchen tinfoil placed beneath the decal or sticker I would apply to the laptop. Working with the tinfoil can be difficult, because it doesn't exactly stay in place on it's own. Trying to stick a piece of tinfoil to the sticky side of the sticker before applying it was a completely tedious endevour in the past as well. After some searching, I managed to find a crafting supply on Amazon that works perfectly for this. These adhesive backed foil sheets can easily be cut and applied over the logo, applying the decal itself is then much easier since the foil is firmly held in place.

adhesive foil sheets used to block light from Apple logo

Next, I used my print/scan/copy machine to make a copy of my decal. I used this to create a pattern to cut the adhesive foil to size. In my case, I cut the foil to fit the shape of the inner design portion of my sticker, which gives the decal a bit of a textured look that follows the design of the sticker when complete. In the case of a decal without such styling to size to, you could use an enlarge/shrink function on a copier to create a pattern with the shape similar to the decal you are using that is smaller than the decal. Be sure the the final piece of foil that you will apply to the Macbook will adequately cover the Apple logo to block out the light.

prepared decal and foil sheet to be applied to the macbook

Once I've cut the properly sized foil piece, I carefully apply it to my Macbook. I even did some measuring and marking the center with a small sharpie mark that will ultimately be covered up by the final decal.

using home print/scan/copy machine to make a pattern

Finally, I apply the decal or sticker over the foil sheet onto the Macbook. With the foil blocking the light from the Apple logo, the decal looks clean and unobstructed. Enjoy!

macbook with the decal applied over the adhesive foil

published on 2016-12-06
updated on 2016-12-06