A Sticker Over The MacBook Apple Logo

A quick writeup of how I'm using adhesive foil sheets made as crafting supplies to block light from the Apple logo on a MacBook and place a sticker over it.


Discount Satellite Imagery

A dive into drone-ing with a rundown of how I've configured a 3D Robotics IRIS+ drone and a Canon S110 digital camera to create large "satellite imagery" style photos.


Do SSL Right On Nginx

A quick primer and reference for configuring and securing SSL on an Nginx server. Don't just slap the path to your certificate in your config file, learn how to configure it correctly and check for vulnerabilities.


Fun With Webcams

Throughout the summer I did some experimenting with image processing. I worked with OpenCV, Python, a couple of web cams, and a raspberry pi to create a few simple applications.


Windows 10 Install Notes

These are my notes for performing a clean install of Windows 10. Specifically, configuring Vim, Git, and Vagrant for Powershell to manage linux-based virtual machines that I use for development, the accessing those machines with Putty.


Postgres Cheatsheet

I have the most experience using Postgres and have a strong preference for it. This cheatsheet is the quick and dirty for working with Postgres on a day-to-day basis.


Some Things Git

I've been using git for a little while now and I've been keeping notes. This is an attempt to turn those notes into a sort of cheatsheet for myself. It is by no means complete or comprehensive. Enjoy!


Setup Tmux, Vim, and Git

start.sh is a script I created to install and configure my development environment in an automated fashion. In addition to providing a quick way to install my environment, the script also provides a documented collection of my configurations.